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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The mountains are calling, the leaves will be brilliant, and we will be there to take it all in!  First, up will be the always delicious Dillard House for breakfast!  This family style place puts on one of the best breakfasts in all the world!  I promise.  You may need a nap afterward is all I’m saying!  From there we cross over the mountain to the pretty town of Highlands, North Carolina.  Their downtown is just shop after shop of beautiful things, and you’ll have time to take it all in. It’s a lovely, lovely setting, and the highway there is just beautiful in the fall.  I’m hoping we have timed it just right with the leaves!   It’s should be perfect!  On the way home, we will make a stop at a favorite place of ours – Jaemor’s Farmers Market.   It should be loaded down with falls’ bounty with pumpkins, apples, and so much more!  So let’s head to the mountains!


Price: $74 per person


Deluxe motor coach, driver tip, breakfast with tip, all stops, and the beautiful mountains in the fall!

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