Flatrock Playhouse - TBA - Summer Blockbuster

Thursday, August, 9, 2018
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Flatrock Playhouse in Flatrock, North Carolina has become a favorite of ours for quality productions and outstanding plays.  During the summer they really shine with a host of college students who come there to learn their craft.  It shows, with the fabulous productions they put on with full casts and beautiful scenery and costumes.  Below are the two summer productions that I think that will be a big hit with each of you, as well as a smaller production downtown and the Elvis show in September.   I’ll include the date on each one and you can put that on your sign up sheet.  Each trip will feature an included lunch at Cracker Barrel before the show.

This is a kind of mystery trip to Flatrock!  They will announce the name in late April, but because it’s never been there before they can’t give us the name.  What they have told me is it’s a blockbuster show and a feel-good dancing in the aisle musical production.  It’s been wowing audiences for over 15 years and has played in over 50 countries to thrilled audiences.   So take a chance….it’s their BIG summer production!!


Price: $84 per person


Deluxe motorcoach, driver tip, lunch with tip, show ticket, and snacks on the way home.  If you are a theatre lover and you want to get out of the heat in the summer, then make plans to join us!  NO REFUNDS ON TICKETS 21 DAYS BEFORE THE TRIP.

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