West Side Story at Flatrock Playhouse
Thursday, July 21, 2022



Flat Rock Playhouse is FINALLY back open!  Yay!  We’ve missed you!   Our trip this year will feature their amazing summer production with a cast of over 32 people!  West Side Story is everything you want a Broadway show to be: great music and dance numbers by Bernstein and Sondheim with a great story.  Will Tony and Maria find a happy ending?  It’s the Jets vs. the Sharks in this 1950s themed love story.  It explores the rivalry of these Upper West Side Manhattan teens.  It’s a Broadway classic and will be a wonderful show to see!  Can’t wait!   We’ll enjoy an included lunch at Cracker Barrel before the show.  I really want to support this Theatre Company and am so happy they are back!  You will love it!


$129 per person includes deluxe motorcoach, driver tip, play ticket which is $55 and nonrefundable after June 20, lunch with tip, and snacks on the way home.

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