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To sign up for a day trip please print a sign up form from this website and send full payment with a check made out to Seniors On The Go Travel.  To sign up for an overnight trip, a deposit check of $50 needs to be sent in to hold your space.  To sign up for a Collette Vacations tour or a cruise, a separate sign up form and credit card form can be mailed to you.

For motorcoach tours you will not receive any statements on  the balance due.  Kindly refer to the flyer on each trip and note the due date listed for each balance.

Day trip information, including directions to our meeting spot, will be mailed approximately 2 weeks prior to the trip.  Overnight trip information, including all hotels, will be mailed 3 weeks prior to the trip.  It will include a full itinerary page along with an information sheet about the trip.  Luggage tags will be mailed at that time as well.

Yes, we prefer to have at least 30 people sign up for a trip to make.  If this number is not met, the trip may be cancelled.  If the trip does not make, your check will be returned to you.

Most trips 6 days or less leave from Cannon United Methodist Church, at 2424 Webb Gin House Road, Snellville, GA  30078.  Any trips 7 days or over will leave from another convenient location in the Snellville area.  All day trips leave from Cannon Church.

Most day trips are refundable within 7 days of departure, unless tickets or meals have been prepaid.  In that case, the refund would be pro-rated. Overnight trips require a $50 deposit and that fee is non refundable if you cancel within 30 days of departure. There are also no refunds if you can within 24 hours of departure. If there are exceptions to that such as tickets, hotels, etc., it will be listed on the trip flyer.  If you cancel within 30 days of departure, your refund will be pro-rated on monies that are returned to us.  Please note that these cancellation policies do not apply to Collette Vacations tours or any cruises listed. A $5 administrative cancellation fee will be charged on all sign ups once your trip check has been cashed.

Trip insurance is available, and if needed can be arranged thru our office.  Trip insurance is always recommended on any trips outside the country and on cruises.

We occasionally have other singles who would like to share a room.  Please contact our office about specific departures for more information.

Most tours leave at 8:00 am.  We spend the morning getting to know our fellow travelers and take a rest stop mid-morning.  Lunch is then planned between 11:30-1:00, and if it’s a travel day to our destination we will allow for one additional rest stop mid-afternoon.  Our goal is to have you to your hotel no later than 6:00pm each evening.  Once we arrive at our destinations, the days will involve more touring, group meals, and other activities.  As always, we try to keep the comfort of our guests in mind at all times.

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