Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad Ride, and Mercier’s Orchards


This is important on this trip:   The tickets for this trip are currently already on sale.  As of this printing, there are a lot of tickets left on an enclosed train car.  Tickets must be paid for IN ADVANCE at the time of reservation.  (This is a new policy.)  I will need you to sign up by AUGUST 1, please.  I know it’s early, but it’s the only way I can get the tickets.  We did something similar when we got the tickets to see the Jersey Boys planned for August.

Once these tickets are purchased, they will be non-refundable unless someone can take your place.

FYI:  This trip will leave from the clubhouse at 8:00 am and we should return by 7:00 pm.



Monday, November 4, 2024

All aboard!!!   It’s time to hop on board the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad, located in Blue Ridge, GA!  We have a different itinerary for this fun little day trip and we will start with a visit to Mercier’s Apple Orchards.  This is a must-stop kind of place when you are in this area. It features an apple farm with over 200 acres which has been in this family for 4 generations.  While there you can shop for apples, visit their bakery, sample their wines and hard ciders, and shop for gifts and all kinds of treats.  It’s such a fun stop.  From there we will go by bus to downtown MaCaysville and Copper Hill, where you can step into two states at once!  You’ll also have time to enjoy lunch on your own in town at any of their local eateries, shop at the train store or a local boutique, and take in the views of the Toccoa River.  From there we will head into Blue Ridge to board the train for a two-hour non-stop ride in an enclosed car traveling along the banks of the river.  It’s a lovely ride and should be very relaxing at that time of day.  It’s also narrated and is thoroughly delightful!!  The fall leaves will still be around as well and they will make this day even more special.  I did this trip like this last year with a group and it was so much easier than having to leave by 7 am like we used to in order to be on the train by 9:30. Our day will be much more relaxed!